The real value of shopping local

Creating and delivering customer value is key for all retail businesses, whether it’s through the services that they provide or the products that they offer.

Value is determined by the benefits we get less the sacrifices we have to make.

During a Black Friday sale, sales increase as aditional value is added to a product because the sacrifice is lessened (in this case it would be price). For many consumers the price depicts true value as nothing screams value more than a huge sale tag.

Have you ever considered that by buying into these offers you could be sacrificing more than just cash?

Many independent shops on your local high street are unable to compete with the online megastores. As a result your shopping behaviour could be putting your community at risk.

I, like many others love a bargain and am not suggesting that if a product was significantly cheaper or more readily available online we shouldn’t purchase it. Lets consider our local independents on those occasions when we purchase those small items from Amazon because they work out pence cheaper.

Let’s give our independents a chance, because at the end of the day they offer more than just value for money. Click the link to see why our independents are indispensable.