Is print communication dying?


Immersed in the digital revolution we are inundated with marketing channels, strategy plans and packages, which can be daunting to the savviest of marketers, and downright terrifying to independent businesses. Many of whom choose to ignore it altogether, posting sporadically on social media and throwing out the odd business card. With the general decline of the British high street, standing out and shouting about your business has never been more of challenge or a necessity.

With so much happening online, this is your chance to stand out offline!

As the digital revolution is expanding at a rapid rate, many people assume that print is dying. It’s not hard to see why: with digital ads you pay only for clicks, have access to a wider audience, have the ability to engage with the community, analyse results, customise and adapt your campaign, and control who can see it.

However with the digital channels also come bugs, spam and glitches in a very crowded community, which ensure that it will never replace print. Digital is the norm for advertising, and with so much happening online print is your chance to stand out offline. Print is a niche that can grab attention, trust and legibility, which should be included in your marketing mix.


Out with old, in with the new and back in with the old!

With the increase of digital scams consumers are often sceptical about spam emails and savvy with ad-blocking applications. Conscious about their reliance on technology consumers are also looking for opportunities to unplug and minimise their time immersed in the digital world.

Print costs money and money emits commitment and legitimacy. As people are learning to tune out to digital ads and put it down to noise, they are putting more trust into printed advertising channels. There is something very real and nostalgic about the tangible touch and smell of handling print.

The right mix for you

Our series of statistics are for Penarth taken from the 2011 census, which we are releasing throughout July, give a clear insight to the demographic of Penarth. From this you can build your marketing strategy. The statistics confirm that, for Penarth, adding print into your marketing mix could be the best marketing decisions you will ever make!

The digital revolution and the Internet doesn’t kill off print but makes us look at it differently! Rather than jumping on the grave of print communication embrace it and see the opportunities that it could offer for you…