Easter Fun in Penarth

After a successful Penarth-Pal campaign, six weeks ago we set ourselves the challenge to organise the Penarth Post Easter hunt and it really couldn’t have gone much better.

We had the weather on our side (hottest weekend of 2017!) and lots of eager participants ready to take on the challenge.

With a host of shops lined up around the town we distributed the hunt maps amongst the thriving businesses in March’s Easter edition of the Post.

One day after launching their new home at 1 Windsor Terrace ”Not Socks Again”, Penarth’s newest business who are certainly making a name for themselves throughout the town, organised the Penarth Easter Fair in the Paget rooms! Curating an event of local businesses and creative’s it had a very strong community vibe. The doors of the Paget Rooms were open from Midday until 3.30 on the 9th April and the event was a real family affair.

For the Easter hunt the map directed the participants on an egg chase around the town with each business displaying a vibrant egg poster in their windows showcasing a designated letter in an egg.
At the end of the hunt they all hunters returned to the fair with the letters that spelt out Pasghapus: Happy Easter in Welsh

Thirty seven lucky winners claimed their prizes with a lucky dip for five limited edition prizes from local author and illustrator Emma Lewens with her stories about Hatty Peck.