6 things that make your local independent indispensable


1: Passionate about product

Your local independent has worked hard to develop their business. They are passionate about their products and services and often have a great story behind them, adding to their value!

2: Personal Service

A bit of personal service can go a long way to brightening your day and making you feel special! Whether it’s a brief chat, coffee just how you like it, or being addressed by name.

3: Products that you want

Your local high street stocks what you want instead of what someone tells you want. Their stock inventory is not based on high fashion and national statistics but on what you ask for. You can also find great unique local products!

4: Great for the local economy

Spending £10 with your local independent puts an additional £50 back into the economy as it’s circulated through other independents.

5: Ethical option

Independents tend to source locally and use less packaging making it an ethical option. Many high streets are also walking distance restricting the need of vehicles and transportation.

6: Support local charities and community

Catalyst for increased community spirt often getting involved and organising events. They also support local projects and invest more into local charities.